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Stay abroad


If members are located abroad and work as lawyers there, various special regulations must be taken into account. Basically, contributions are paid to the pension fund on the basis of income from legal work in Germany.

EU countries

If you are temporarily posted to another EU country or if you are temporarily self-employed there, an A1 application can be submitted in accordance with Regulation (EU) 883/2004 Regulation (EU) 883/2004 so that German law continues to be applied with regard to social security. The aforementioned ordinance also applies to the states of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


Applications can only be submitted electronically. The online portal "" is available for this at the following address:


If an application for an A1 certificate is submitted at such short notice that the decision can no longer be issued before the start of the posting, proof of the application and of the existing insurance in the German social security system should be carried, otherwise fines can be imposed. According to the case law of the European Court of Justice (judgment of September 6th 2018, file number 18-C-527/16), a retrospective issue of an A1 certificate is permissible.


If activities are carried out in several EU countries, the A1 procedure can also be used to determine which social security basis is to be applied.


If an employment relationship exists in Germany and a temporary posting to the USA takes place, an exceptional agreement can be made that German social security law is also to be applied during the posting. The German Liaison Deutsche Verbindungsstelle Krankenversicherung - Ausland (DVKA) is responsible for concluding an exception agreement on the German side and the Social Security Administration on the American side.

Additional information

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